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Box gourmet d’olio di Camilla
Box gourmet d’olio di Camilla
Camilla's Olive Oil Gourmet-Box
Camilla's Olive Oil Gourmet-Box

Box Goumet con Olio E.V. di Oliva 2020
di Camilla

  1. Extra Vergin Olive Oil  “Corte Capitani
    in 3 liter canister.
  2. Extra Vergin Olive Oil infused with fresh rosemary
    in 0.25 liter bottle
  3. Olive oil, lemon and grappa cake mix
With the olives that were due to me, I tried to follow my passion and create something very special. A Cake based on olive oil.. why not. I, therefore, prepared a cake mix complete with the needed ingredients, you only need to add eggs and fresh lemon. Happy baking.

The small bottle of rosemary-infused olive oil is very special and ideal for giving any meat dish a Mediterranean twist.

Camilla and Andrin, lets go harvest some olives.
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