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Filò Rosso - IGT Rosso Verona 2018
Filò Rosso - IGT Rosso Verona 2018
Filò Rosso - IGT Rosso Verona 2018

Our Filo Rosso represents our interpretation of the traditions of our Terroir. This varietal wine exclusively of our own Corvina grapes that thrive on our moraine hills, presents itself lively and fragrant, with its light ruby color the Filò Rosso convinces with its character. In the pallet a hint of spices and red berries. For us a perfect red wine for every day.


Denomination: IGP Rosso Verona
Vintage: 2018
Variety: Corvina Veronese
Vineyard year:  2012
Growing style: Guyot
Yield per ha.: 10’000 kg/ha
Plant density: 6’172 Pf./ha
% alcohol: 12 Vol%
Drinking temperature: 14 – 16 °C
Aging: 3 – 4 years
Harvest: by hand mid-september
Bottling: Sommer 2019
Nr. Bottles: 2’200
Packaging: Cartons of  6 x 0.75lt


Our Corvina, harvested exclusively by hand and in small crates of 5 kg, is immediately fermented in temperature-controlled steel tanks. The fermentation reaches 28°C and lasts for about 6-8 days, after which it immediately starts the malo-lactic fermentation. Throughout the Winter our Corvina goes thou some aging process after which it is lightly filtered and bottled in the following spring/Summer.

Note di degustazione

The bright ruby red color is typical of our Corvina. In the nose, we have red berry and cherry aromas with a hint of spices such as black pepper. In the pallet, light and fragrant with its distinct berry and spice aromas, the Filo Rosso balances perfectly aroma, acidity and its mild alcohol, and carries it on to a long finish. Our Filo Rosso is bottled ready to drink but gains in complexity, roundness and elegance for a good 3 to 5 years.


Perfect with a pizza or cold cuts or even with light meats.  Please serve the Filò Rosso slightly chilled at 14 – 16°C

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