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Wendy & Jan

We are Jan and Wendy van Lamsweerde, owners/operators of Corte Capitani. Our property in Bardolino has a long history of winemaking. Originally, it was leased to farmers by the Garda diocese, and the rent was paid to the church in the form of sacramental wine!
In the early 1970’s, Jan’s family bought the land as a vacation property, and operated it as a hobby farm. They continued the winemaking tradition, but purely for their own enjoyment and for their friends.

Our Story at Corte Capitani

In 2000, we talked about moving beyond casual winemaking, and sought expert advice as to whether our terroir had what was needed to sustain commercial operations. Our test vintage of 2000 was a success, and so we embarked on new careers as professional winemakers.
Nel 2010 abbiamo acquistato altri terreni ad Affi. Nuovi vigneti, nuovi vini, nuove ambizioni. Abbiamo esteso la produzione dai vini rossi ai vini bianchi, puntando sul Manzoni Bianco e anche su un’uva nuova, Rebo.
Le uve resistenti PIWI erano nei nostri pensieri da anni; ci siamo documentati, abbiamo sperimentato, abbiamo investito in due nuove varietà di bianco. Nel 2020, con l’aiuto del nostro collaboratore Francesco Chiamenti, proponiamo le prime microvinificazioni delle nostre uve resistenti.

The Team

Jan, Wendy, Camilla & Andrin

Owners and Family

Jan grew up in Switzerland and Wendy, half Swiss half Canadian, grew up in Canada. They met in Switzerland, got married in 2000, then Camilla and Andrin were born, and finally moved to Italy in 2004. The children are now part of the business: after school Andrin helps out in the cellar and the vegetable garden, while Camilla helps her mother in the kitchen and welcomes guests.

Florin and the others


Our workers are part of the family. Florin not only looks after the garden but also the work in the countryside. Nicolae and other workers give us a hand when we need it. At harvest time, when we need more help, their and our friends also come.


Oenological Consultant

Andrea Ruggeri gives us technical support: with his experience he helps us to make our visions of unique wines of superior quality come true. Andrea and his brother Ruggero have their own Winery in Valdobbiadene: worth a visit.


Events Manager

Taking care of our events and parties this year is Emma.  Originally from the U.K. she speaks both English and Italian and brings with her a wealth of experience. She has planned numerous fun and unique events, ranging from weddings in stately British homes to rooftop parties in San Francisco, and can’t wait to bring your event to life!

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