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Our orchards are arranged on long, narrow terraces, on the hillside in Bardolino. (A pretty, romantic, ecologically pleasing arrangement – not an efficient one!) We cut the lawn around the trees only three times a year, preferring to enjoy the wildflowers and encourage them to flower and re-seed. 


Extension : 2 hectars, 430 Plants
Area: Bardolino
Tree varieties : Casaliva, Pendolino, Leccino, Favarol

Besides pruning and watering, the trees don’t require much care. Our altitude seems to provide a fair amount of protection from pests that are common at lower elevations. We inspect the fruit carefully for the presence of pests during crucial periods each year but only rarely do we find it necessary to spray pesticides.
To ensure the highest quality of our oil, the olive harvest is done strictly by hand, with the help of hydraulic combs, and the olives are pressed within twenty-four hours. This way we can guarantee that the result is an excellent quality extra virgin olive oil.

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