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Half of our vineyards are on the southwest-facing, beautiful hillsides of Bardolino, just around our wine cellar and not fare away in località Valeselle. The remaining hectares are 4 km away, on a windy plateau in the hills above Affi. Here our Manzoni develops especially well.


Extension : 8 Hectars
Zones: Bardolino & Affi
Red Grapes : Corvina, Oseletta, Cabernet Franc, Rebo Rigotti
White Grapes : Manzioni Bianco, Garganega
PiWi Fungal resistant grapes: Johanniter, Bronner, Solaris

Vineyards in Bardolino around Corte Capitani

We began replanting vines in the vineyards of Bardolino in 2001, proceeding in stages and making important decisions aimed at improving the quality of the grapes. During this process, the traditional pergola training system was replaced by the Guyot method to increase the number of vines per hectare, using new clones and rootstocks.
Today in Bardolino we have 5,500 – 6,060 vines per hectare producing 6,000 – 7,000 kg of grapes per hectare, depending on the grape variety. We take great care to maintain a balanced ratio between leaves and fruit: 1 square meter of foliage per 1 kg of grapes.

Vineyards in Bardolino in Valeselle

This is the most recent vineyard, about 1.5 hectares, replanted in 2018 with resistant Johanniter, Bronner and Solaris grapes. The training system is still the Guyot method. We decided to plant 5600 plants per hectare and expect the first harvest with the 2020 vintage.

Vineyards in Affi

The new plantings in 2009 and 2010 were our first white grape varieties: Manzoni Bianco is the most important. On the ventilated plateau in the municipality of Affi, the white wines are aromatic, with balanced acidity.

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