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To preserve the genuineness of our products, the winemaking process is carried out in a simple and natural way, trying to intervene as little as possible. From the moment of harvest, our attention is focused on the treatment of the grapes, with the care and respect they require. In the cellar, we like to work only with the grapes that are good enough to put on our table.


Size: 200m2
Total steel tank capacity: 33’000 Liters
Total Barrique/Tonneau capacity: 4’000 Liters

We begin by harvesting into small boxes, and sorting and cutting out any bad grapes individually. Other procedures include chilling white grapes before processing to keep intact valuable flavors and aromas. We use a basket press, a combination of temperature-controlled steel tanks and barriques, and gravity instead of pumps wherever possible for racking and transferring wine.
Our oenologist Andrea follows us and gives us advice to meet our quality needs and guide us in the creation of new wines.

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