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Technical data:

Denomination: IGT Rosso Verona
Variety: Incrocio Rebo Rigotti
Vinyard year: 2010
Growing style: Guiot
Yeald per ha.: 9’000 kg/ha
Plants per ha.: 5500 plants/ha
% alcohol: 13° Vol%
Serving temperature: 18°C
Aging: 3-8 years
Harvest: by hand, begining of September
Bottling: Spring
Packaging: Boxes of 6 x 0.75Lt

Our Rebo is a wine made from pure ‘Incrocio Rebo Rigotti’ grapes. The ‘Incrocio Rebo Rigotti’ grape variety is a cross between Merlot and Teroldego and was created by Trentino geneticist and agronomist Rebo Rigotti in the early post-war years. Once vinified, it has an intense ruby red colour. The softness and intensity of this wine can also be found in its complex aromatic composition, with hints of red berries and blackberries and a mineral note.


Our first vintage of pure REBO is 2019. As with all our vedemmie, the grapes were harvested by hand and crushed immediately. Controlled fermentation at between 28 and 30°C took place in steel vats with selected yeasts. Immediately after fermentation, the wine was pressed and inoculated with bacteria for malolactic fermentation. After one year of ageing in stainless steel, the wine was decanted, lightly filtered and bottled. To accompany this wine to full drinkability, the bottles were left to rest in our cellar for 6 months.
We have great confidence in the following vintages, which promise to be of great development for our REBO. We will refine the vinification to further enhance the characteristics of what is our flagship wine.

Tasting notes:

Intense ruby red in colour, REBO presents aromas of extreme softness and strong complexity. Fruit aromas with hints of plums, currants and blackberries and a smooth and harmonious taste with character. The finish is extremely long and persistent.

Food pairing:

Ideal for red meats and important dishes.

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