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Technical data:

Denomination: IGP Rosso Verona
Variety: Corvina Veronese
Vineyard Year: 2008
Growing style: Guyot
Yeald per ha.: 8’000 kg/ha
Plants per ha.: 5’550 plants /ha
% Alcohol: 12% Vol
Drinking Temperature: 12-14°C
Aging: 3 – 5 year
Harvest: by hand, mid September
Bottling: Spring
Packaging: Boxes of da 6 bottiglie

Our Filò represents the tradition of the area reinterpreted in a personal key. It is a wine made from pure Corvina grapes, typical of our moraine hills, without compromise. Therefore a lively, light wine with little colour but lots of character. Filò Rosso represents our basic red wine, drinkable and summery.


The Corvina, exclusively harvested by hand, is immediately pressed and fermented in steel barrels. The temperature is controlled not to exceed 28°C. After fermentation, which lasts approx. 8 – 10 days, malolactic fermentation takes place immediately. During the winter, the Filò Rosso undergoes refinement in steel and is lightly filtered in the spring before bottling.

Tating notes:

Ruby red in colour, not very intense, Filò Rosso has the typical colour of Corvina from our territory. On the nose, the aromas are of red undergrowth fruit, cherry and morello cherry, with the addition of various spices and black pepper. In the mouth, it is not overly full-bodied with soft, sweet tannins. A balanced acidity gives it a certain length. Ageing for 2 to 3 years adds softness and elegance.

Food pairing:

Perfect with a pizza or with lean sliced meats and veal or chicken.

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